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Where to park in the center of Florence:
The ticket sales ends 45 minutes before museum closure, 1 hour before in the Palazzo Vecchio.
The visitors must deliver bags, luggage and umbrellas at the museum luggage room.  
We assume no liability for changes in opening hours, addresses and phone numbers.

(Azienda di Promozione Turistica)
The Florence Ufficial Board
Via A. Manzoni, 16 50121 - Firenze
Tel. +39 055 23320
Fax. +39 055 2346286


Piazza Stazione (left side)

Tel: 055 212245

Fax: 055 2381226

Via Cavour 1/r 

Tel: 055 290832/3

Fax: 055 2760383

Borgo S. Croce, 29/r 

Tel: 055 2340444

Fax: 055 2264524


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