Museum of Bigallo
Museo del Bigallo

The Madonna of Mercy - Detail
At the bottom, the oldest representation of Florence, fresco, 14th century


The Loggia of Bigallo, built in the mid 14th century for the Compagnia della Misericordia together with the neighbouring oratory, became in 1425 the seat of the Compagnia del Bigallo, named after the hospital it directed at Santa Maria a Fonteviva that was known as Hospital of Bigallo.

The works directly purchased by the Brotherhood or donated to it, dispersed due to several vicissitudes, were reunited in this museum in 1904. The collection, reorganised in 1976, comprises both religious and historical works that offer us further evidence on the life of the Brotherhood between the 14th and 16th centuries. The most remarkable pieces are the Crucifix of the "Master of Bigallo", the works of Bernardo Daddi and his pupils and those of Niccolò di Pietro Gerini.

In addition to paintings, the collection displays also some important sculptures like those of Alberto Arnoldi (mid-14th century) who also sculptured the niches and loggia.


The Loggia of Bigallo
1352 - 1358
In the Loggia of Bigallo
Preaching of St. Peter Martyr in Florence
with the Miracle of the Raged Horse
c. 1444
In the Museum of Bigallo
The Madonna of Mercy - Fresco, 14th century
At the bottom, the oldest representation of Florence
Master of Bigallo
Crucifix - 1240
Niccoló Gerini and Ambrogio di Baldese
Frescoes - 1386
Niccoló Gerini and Ambrogio di Baldese
Frescoes - 1386
Domenico di Michelino
Madonna with Child
ca. 1460
Bernardo Daddi
Triptych - c. 1333
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